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Rank & Promotion Structure
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3rd Aug 2014

Rank and Promotion structure

Welcome to Conflict, below are all the ranks that may be obtained in the league and what is expected of you while in those ranks. Please note that the on trial rank thru dedicated are all of our non-officer ranks and you may be promoted thru these ranks with mostly good league practice and helpfulness. To get to officer ranks there will be several tests and knowledge requirements. Strict stipulations are on our officers shoulders, and we expect the most out of these people. We want the best and brightest to help lead our league and there are no exceptions to the fact that we will only accept the best people to help run the league.

On trial-(what you start with when you first join Conflict). No bank privileges.

Responsibilities: make sure you’re familiar with our league policy and guide lines. Show team spirit by participation in the league and its activities as much as you can. Feel free to ask for help. Use this time to get to know the league and its members and to give us a chance to get to know you.

Soldier- until we get to know you. You need to join our Facebook group and join our website and add your character to the roster-please ask for help if you need it. No bank privileges.

Prestige: at least 1k for all of the following ranks weekly. On Trial rank should try to outshine the other ranks with prestige to give a good impression.

Responsibilities: work on team participation and make yourself feel at home. Continue getting to know your fellow league mates, especially the Leaders and upper ranks.

Convict- Responsibilities: by now you should be quite familiar with the league and how most things work. Be a regular team player by participating in events and on our website. Take some interest in our new members by helping them feel at home. Know that we are glad you have made it this farJ

Lookout- Responsibilities: you have proven yourself to be an integral part of our league. Continue to be an example for newer members. Try to answer player’s questions in league chat as often as you can.

Trustee- Responsibilities: You have become a senior member of Conflict. Always be an example to others as you now truly represent Conflict. You are one step away from the top of the non-officer ranks. Please reflect that and try to handle yourself with dignity, we expect a lot of our members please encourage others to show their best side and do their best.

Dedicated- Congrats, you have stuck it out thru the ringer and have made it as far as you can possibly go before moving into an officer position. Take a breather and if you are planning on moving forward any more I would suggest honing your skills and knowledge, the road ahead is a bit bumpy. If you are happy just being one of the best ranked members in the league then you have made it and we are truly glad to have you here.

Responsibilities: As the highest ranking non officer member you are expected to help out as much as possible with the other members of the league. As well don’t be surprised if an officer asks you to help out with something we have going on as well.

Lieutenant- (Jr. Office-no automatic promotion to this rank) This rank and above can: invite to league, change league message of the day. Edit or add notes. Access to the league hall banks.

Responsibilities: Welcome to Officer Ship and the Conflict management crew. You have stood out from the crowd as a respected member-be ready to devote more of your time helping Conflict grow. Your ideas will be considered in the general League management process. You will be expected to participate in officer chat as league issues and concerns are being discussed. You may  be called upon to invite a new member or a current member’s alt to join our family-be ready and know how to answer any league recruiter messages. The league message of the day my need to be changed to reflect an upcoming event and it may fall upon you to make that change. You may be asked to send out all league mail to inform members of important events, happenings, decisions. You are now expected to be a frequent visitor on our website, posting helpful information in the forums as well as other sections of the site. A lot of league business is discussed in the officers only chat tab to which you know have access and you are expected to be a regular participant there. You may be assigned a specific task and title depending on your special skill(s)

Captain- (Sr. Officer-no automatic promotion to this rank) (Please note that you cannot move to Consigliere rank without someone in that rank stepping down) Responsibilities: As Captain you are the top of the food chain as far as officer ranks. You are responsible for helping and keeping the peace within the ranks when any of the upper members may not be around. You will be partnered up with an upper member to work together to complete tasks and make the league a better place. You will have a choice on which Consigliere you would like to be paired with but overall it’s up to the Consigliere. Also as Captain you will be paired with a Lieutenant that you may delegate some tasks to when there is a bit too much on your plate. Various things will be expected of you and always the most will be expected of you. So put your game face on.

This rank and above: Can promote a member Can demote or remove a member Have trustee privileges in our league hall

Consigliere- Responsibilities: you’re loyally to Conflict is unwavering and you have become the right hand man as one of the leaders of conflict. Your ideas in the league management process will be given a lot of weight. You will be responsible to handle any league related issues in the absence of the leader. A specific job or jobs may be assigned to you according to your special skill(s). Being in this rank constitutes many things, the utmost being that you are one of the most valuable people in the league and that requires a lot of respect which has been earned and will be expected from the other ranks under harsh scrutiny

Godfather-(leader-no promotion to this rank) This rank has all available privileges Responsibilities: Conflict is your baby-you have shaped it into what it is today and you deserve a pat on the backJ overseeing all activities of the League. Working with all officers to resolve any issues and to create a fun and rewarding environment for all of our Conflict members!!!

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