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Nature & Purpose of Conflict
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3rd Aug 2014

Nature and Purpose: Conflict is a serious progression based raiding League which was founded in January 2013, and which emphasizes fun, with a focus on both PVE and PVP. We are a mature league.
TN is Conflicts League leader. All league affairs are handled by the Officers. Final decisions over virtually all aspects of the league are decided by the council. Current council members are Pestelence, Hunterz, Ssweetnsassy, Jokerdroidbot and Naturewired.

Conflict actively searches for people who like to play, as well as those who want to occasionally try to extend the measure of their reach and want to learn the tactics of the game.

The fundamental principles of the League are:
a. A member does his or her own research.
b. Puts the group ahead of themselves.
c. Is not afraid to tell people when they make mistakes, and accepts constructive criticism gracefully.
d. Is not primarily motivated by loot.
e. Communicates clearly in both written and spoken English. (Using voice in game is required, hearing and understanding voice is REQUIRED.)
Participation in voice channels and paying attention to league chat tab is mandatory. Having a microphone is required.

A. The FUN! Clause
1. At the discretion of the League leader or other Officers, any member felt to be destroying the gaming experience of other members will be removed.

Ten Shot Policy
Conflict has a "Ten Shot Policy". If you have been drinking heavily and have consumed enough alcohol you can declare the "Ten Shot Policy". This policy is to protect you when you are drunk and playing DCUO. Under no circumstance may this policy be declared after the fact. You must let everyone know beforehand you are drunk, and declare the "Ten Shot policy" by actually saying "Ten Shot Policy" in either voice chat or by typing it in party. Every one present in party must be aware of this in order to be
in effect. This in no way is to encourage our members to drink excessively our promoting alcoholism of any form. But it is meant to be fun and even a bad joke in poor taste. None the less it still seems to be a lot of fun. Covered under this policy are the following actions
* Falling asleep at the keyboard
* Slurring excessively
* Talking nonsense or gibberish
* Forgetting key points of the quest
* Getting lost in game
* Forgetting what quest you are on
* Forgetting your own name
* Wandering off from the rest of the party
* Causing a party wipe
* Yelling obscenities or sexual innuendos in voice chat
* Falling off of your computer chair

Please keep these groups to league only. Have fun with it and don't forget on key fact. You must not hold anything against the person under the protection of this policy the next day. All should be forgiven and forgotten after they sober up, without apologies being expected. (Hell they probably forgot anyway.)

B. The League's Reputation
2. In Conflict, we insist on treating not just one another but all the people of DCUO with dignity and respect. We also value our Leagues reputation strongly. The following are examples of behavior we do not tolerate:
§ No public arguments.
§ No scamming.
§ No offensive or derogatory language. How you choose to speak in groups is your own business, but /league say, league voice chat, and the message board are considered "PG-13". Derogatory terms based on (but not limited to) race,
religion, ethnicity, gender, nationality, or sexual orientation is not tolerated. Religion and politics are considered inappropriate topics for open discussion.

C. The Probation Period
3. When a new member first joins the league, they are considered to be "on trial" for their first month, and possibly a second.

D. Extended Absences
1. Anyone expecting to be away from the game for an extended period of time should contact their Officers. Members may, at any time, request an extended AFK and can remain so for up to 60 days. All characters will be league removed after this point. Members who expect to be away for longer than 60 days because of real life commitments may get special consideration to extend this period.

2. Members who have not officially requested an Extended AFK and who have not logged their main on for a period of three (3) months will have all their characters removed.

THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS! If you can't follow this simple process, you will have failed our "Test of Reading" and won't even be considered.

* Conflict has few specific requirements for who can apply. Most importantly, we seek mature players whose attitudes mesh well within our culture.
* While there is no level or CR requirement, understand that most active members are cr 90 with many skill points, so recruit wisely. Great players are always accepted no matter the cr, crappy players aren’t so welcome even if there max cr/sp.
* We're typically raiding about 2 times a week right now. Everyone is required to be active on at least one of our raid days that we have picked out. Current raid days are Thursday and Saturday.

Step One: Applying.
1. Contact the Recruiting Officer by sending a personal message with your answers to the following questions:
§ Who is your main character with which you plan to join the league? Include your: full name, power, cr,sp, class,
§ Why do you wish to join Conflict?
§ Do you know anyone in Conflict? If so, who?
§ Which leagues, if any, have you been in previously? Why did you leave your last league?
§ How often do you play, and what are your usual times?

.Step Two: The Officers Vote.
The Officers of Conflict will consider accepting or rejecting the applicant for a probationary membership. This process can take up to two weeks. They will likely try to find you and get to know you through grouping one or more times, and inviting you on raids. Many things are considered by the Officers when it comes to approving or rejecting an application. It's not simply about whether or not you're friendly or competent or if anyone knows you. The current objectives of the league, the number of characters we already have of a given class, your current CR, how fast you move up CR, and so on, are all factors Officers consider before casting their vote.

Step Three: If Approved, Probation Begins.
Once the Officers have arrived at a conclusive (majority) vote, you will be informed of the result. If you have been accepted, you will have your main character league invited into Conflict to begin your probation period. The Probation periods works as follows:

DC Toon Name T1tty Titus

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